Italian paintings by Annibale Esposti at Fuorisalone

Italian paintings by Annibale Esposti at Fuorisalone


The Arbolgallery event

This year, we are proud to announce that Annibale Esposti will take part also in the Fuorisalone. Some of our Italian paintings will be on display at Arbolgallery, Arbol's showroom in via Gustavo Modena 28, in Milan. The refined location in the Porta Venezia area will therefore be the setting not only for the presentation of MICROMAX © ️, the prefinished miniature parquet, but also for an exclusive exhibition of some of the contemporary artworks by Annibale Esposti.

We are therefore pleased to invite you on Thursday 11 April, starting at 10.00, in via Gustavo Modena. From 17.00 to 21.00, free cocktail party. Registrations on the website


Annibale Esposti’s exhibition

Among the paintings on display there will be paintings taken from different collections of Annibale Esposti. In particular:

  • Sphere Collection: inspired by Leonardo’s eclectic genius, the Sphere Collection celebrates the quadrature of the circle and combines the dynamism, the immobility and the preciousness of the sphere, often represented with gold: an essential, precious and rich collection, where the aesthetic and cultural contents are harmonized on the canvas.
  • Experimental Collection: is based on a continuous experimental artistic research and on the use of new materials, derived from the post Duchampian philosophy, according to which every object or artifact can become art. Therefore resin, powders, sands, earths, natural stones ad metals play a primary role in the making of artworks.
  • Abstract-Realism Collection: starting from abstract concept and developing the style through the realism, this collection offers abstract paintings, where feelings and emotions are mixed together with objects and elements belonging to real life: this collection  is composed by oil paintings where many elements of reality are  mixed together in harmony and most of them  are almost hidden under shadows  and  colors with their leaks.