Annibale Esposti’s Decoration Projects

Custom Made

Custom-made, made ad hoc, tailor-made, purpose-made. These are all concepts that express the same idea of uniqueness and exclusivity of the collections of Annibale Esposti, who is an acknowledged protagonist of Italian excellence since 1908.


In over a century of history we have engaged in every possible experimentation and have responded to the most arduous and sophisticated requests of an increasingly demanding and exclusive clientele.

How does a decoration project really begin?

A decoration project generally develops from the request of an architect, an interior designer or another designer who, to complete a project, requires a consultation with an expert in the field of art who can successfully execute a project with personalized Italian artwork according to specific needs and requests.

There are many steps toward achieving a decoration project

The groundwork of Annibale Esposti’s work is first and foremost listening attentively to the needs and desires of the client. In fact, before developing any project, it is paramount to enter into a relationship with the client, to deeply understand his expectations and to become in tune with with his personal style and imagery so to speak.

Later, we proceed with the more technical aspects: the evaluation of the style of the project, the choice of colors, of the specific dimensions determined by wall elevations and lighting, but we also analyze and define the various finishes, so that the overall effect is harmonious.

All of this, keeping in mind a specific budget for each environment, which allows us to offer a complete and thorough professional consultation.

Annibale Esposti offers this service of professional consultation for free to its clients.

We guarantee our clients the absolute respect of privacy. Our staff, in fact, is appreciated also for its confidentiality and discretion. And precisely in order to safeguard this element, we have decided not to publish on our website any completed projects or the names of our clients.

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