“Each era, to find its identity and strength, invented a different idea of ‘classical’.

Thus, the ‘classical’ always concerns not only the past but also the present and a vision of the future.

To give shape to the world of tomorrow it is necessary to reconsider our different roots.”

Salvatore Settis, “Futuro del Classico” (Future of the Classical) – Einaudi 2004

Classic, modern, new classical or classical of the future? It is not easy today to define styles of decoration precisely.

In general, the rule has it that classic paintings should be chosen for classic environments, but actually contemporary solutions are often chosen to enhance the environment and make it more current.

So in the fluid scenario of our times different tastes and styles intertwine and become a personal decorative expression and proposal.

In this context, Annibale Esposti offers a series of pictorial collections in which even classic paintings are filtered through a more current language and in which, in the same way, contemporary decoration often enters into classically elegant contexts.

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